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This application allows you to find recipes according to your foo life style (gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian, ... ) and sorted according to your tastes. For this you need to set the order of the food groups (eg fish first, then poultry and meat) and the top 3 of foods in these families (eg fish, salmon first, then tuna and hake).

With Nutrimeter®, you'll get nutritional analysis of these recipes, based on the following two indicators:

  • SAIN, which gives the nutritional density, ie the intake of protein, minerals, trace elements and vitamins measured against calories
  • GSS (also called LIM to "limit "), which measures the levels of salt, saturated fat and added sugars ( ie the Fat, Salt , Sweet )

The values of these indicators can locate the recipes in the following categories:

  • Recommended, because foods are very good for health
  • Recommended, food to eat from time to time and in small quantities
  • Reduce, food to eat exceptionally
  • Recommended, foods do not provide enough nutrients and need to be completed by foods very good for health

This application also allows you to view the nutritional composition (and synthesis using the same indicators as recipes) of foods from the official databases:

  • Ciqual managed by the Information Centre on Food Quality (ANSES, France) contains 1400 generic foods eaten in France
  • Fcen, managed by the Department "Health Canada", contains over 5804 generic foods

The application is supplemented by hit Parade of foods per nutrient (minerals, vitamins, …).

This free application is the first step that offers What Foods in managing your food intake to help you to make sure it is balanced and varied (measurements with the Nutrimeter ®).

On smartphones and tablets, applications with fees will complete this first free application to help you:

  • Define your food hypersensitivities, immediate(allergies type I) or delayed (type III allergies, more commonly known as food intolerances) . You can then select recipes according to your sensitivities.
  • Manage the rotation of food, which ensures that you eat varied. For this you can update the schedule of your food intake. You can see the next day, a list of food excluded for previous 3 days, choose at restaurant dishes can help you observe this rotation food (which avoids the possible return of delayed hypersensitivity)
  • Suggest daily menus respecting the rotation of food and tastes, you can import it into the schedule. Thus, the proposed menu day after will consider your food consumption reported in the schedule.

These features are available today to customers of What Food Premium offers. After downloading the free app on your smartphone, just use the username and password of the premium app for mobile to ccess to the additional functions described above.

Consult for free the What Foods mobile manual (and all its offers)