Discover Hypersensibility offer

With Hypersensibilities Offer:

You access recipes

Selected according to your hypersensitivities, delayed (intolerances)and immediate (allergies). You can create and modify your profiles:
  • delayed hypersensitivities (intolerances). You define the exclusion period for each category of intolerances
  • immediate hypersensitivities (allergies)
Selected according to your food lifestyle (no gluten, no lactose, vegetarian,….)
Sorted according to your food preferences (namely your tastes).

You access nutritional advice

For food substitutes to adapt your food consumption
  • For each food in your hypersensitivity profile, delayed or immediate, you will receive proposals for food substitutes and advice on how to use them in your food preparation
By following the on line training «understanding the fundamentals of good nutrition»
By using the Nutrimeter®

Fees for Hypersensibilitiess Offer : 29.90 € ATI

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With the user name and the password that you set when subscribing to this offer, you will have access to the same information and services, including the defined personal profiles, with the smartphone application that you can download for free (Click here for more informations)