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With Premium Offer:

You manage your new food habits

By receiving proposed menus, in line with your food hypersensitivities (your lifestyle and tastes) and respecting a three day rotation of foods
  • You should plan your food consumption, or keep a log of your food intake, so as to allow food rotation to work properly (for suggested menus and a list of recommended daily foods)
By planning your menus and editing a shopping list
By consulting a list of recommended foods for the day
By keeping a food journal, that you can analyze (nutritionally and statistically) and share with your therapist
  • You define a physiological and nutritional profile (that you can personalize with your therapist)
  • The food consumption tracked in the journal is analyzed to determine the nutritional excesses and deficiencies

You access recipes

Selected according to your hypersensitivities, delayed (intolerances) and immediate (allergies) .
Selected according to your food lifestyle (no gluten, no lactose, vegetarian,….)
Sorted according to your food preferences (namely your tastes).

You access nutritional advice

For food substitutes to adapt your food consumption
By following the on line training «understanding the fundamentals of good nutrition»
By using the Nutrimeter®

Fees for Premium Offer: 12 € ATI /month

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With the user name and the password that you set when subscribing to this offer, you will have access to the same information and services, including the defined personal profiles, with the smartphone application that you can download for free (Click here for more informations)