Food Choice ?

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health.

Our constitution, but more importantly, the life context in which it is supplied, or we can not fully benefit from a good assimilation.

These three factors :

  • food,
  • constitution,
  • life context,

are inseparable and must be considered holistically.

Proper nutrition for an individual is, therefore, an individual matter.

Tips for a healthy and balanced diet, as presented in this booklet are general.

It remains to everyone, possibly with the help of her therapist or doctor to adjust to his specific case.

Index :

  1. Some basic rules 
  2. Some tips for meat
  3. 10 Foods « Top »
  4. Association Councils food
  5. Tips for eating sprouts
  6. Tips for a balanced diet fatty acids
  7. Tips for living with irritable bowel syndrome
  8. Tips for acid-base balance
  9. List of foods to replace for better health
  10. The Good Food Processing