7. Tips for living with irritable bowel syndrome

You suffer from bloating and discomfort, you alternate between constipation and diarrhea, here are some tips that will ensure better digestive comfort.

During painful periods avoid:
  • High fibre foods: leeks, salsify, sorrel, radish, turnip, celery and legumes
  • Wholegrain cereals, wholemeal bread or bran
  • Dried fruit
  • Fibrous fruits: melon, watermelon, rhubarb and fruit with their skin.
  • Most vegetables (individualize)
  • Gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats)

Reduce consumption of dairy products and especially cow-milk cheeses.

When you are bloated:



  • Soft fibered raw vegetables (lettuce, cress, avocado…) or vegetable juice
  • Charcuterie
  • Tender grilled meat, fish, eggs, ham
  • Red meats, stews, game, fried food.
  • Fresh vegetables, steamed, white cereals favouring rice, mashed or jacket potatoes.
  • Cabbage, leeks, celery, artichoke, salsify, cucumber, radish, beans.
  • Mature fruit, peeled or stewed (peaches, pears, apples, bananas)
  • Apples, prunes, chestnuts
  • Pressed cheeses
  • Pastries and chocolate, fermented cheeses
  • Freshly pressed fruit juice
  • Soft drinks, sodas
  • Herbs, pasta, toasted country bread, rusks, biscuits
  • Spices, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, cola, fresh bread, yeast, Soyu, miso …

And it will do you good to:
  • Always eat your fruit between meal
  • Observe the best food combinations
  • Prolong and slow chewing, avoid chewing gum
  • Avoid large meals and snacks
  • Eat in a quiet atmosphere, at regular hours
  • Do not drink during the meal, but between meals
  • Practice a physical activity

When you have diarrhea

When you are constipated

  • Avoid fruit and vegetables (except cooked carrots, bananas and juices)
  • Prefer white grained cereals, rice
  • Replace bread with rusks
  • Avoid stimulants and dairy products
  • Drink a glass of water at room temperature when you wake up
  • Drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day, between meals
  • Eat fresh fruits, juices and vegetables
  • Increase your intake of vegetables
  • Eat whole grains