Ingredient : profiles, recipes, ...

Each recipe has a description of the ingredients that compose it. The goal of What Foods is to allow recipes to be selected according their composition, to facilitate the management of food allergies, intolerances or lifestyle. A list of ingredients needed to be referenced.

At present our database references more than 1000 ingredients, for which where you will find the main value-added uses in the services offered by “What Foods”

1°) Food intolerances profile (Type III)

270 ingredients are part of the ingredients available to define your food intolerance profile. These ingredients are those teted by the Test ImuPro..

For each ingredient, a level of intolerance is assigned (with respect to the number of weeks for the exclusion period), so that when the filter is activated for a particular function (recipe search, food journal...), both phases of the exclusion protocol can be taken into account :

  • Exclusion period : recipes, products and foods containing these ingredients will be excluded during this period when the filters are activated. You can, with the "Alert" verify that your diet logged into the food journal does not contain these ingredients to be excluded
  • Reintroduction period and after: all recipes, products and food will be offered in all functions even if the filter is active. Functions are available to assist you to rotate ingredients :
    • Statistical analysis of your diet
    • Weekly meal planning

2°) Food Allergies (Type I)

All the ingredients in our database are accessible for defining your food allergy profile. When the food allergy filter is activated, all the active ingredients that you define are used to exclude recipes, food products and nutritional bases containing these ingredients during use of each function (search recipe, food journal., ...).

3°) Food Lifestyle

To facilitate the customization of your meal management, 4 food lifestyles have been set and can be added to intolerance and allergy profiles :

  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

4°) Structuring of recipe and commercial products

In addition to the "traditional" list of ingredients and method of preparation of a recipe, all recipes have an additional list of ingredients that compose them, and which will be used for searching for ingredients or for the filtering them according to food profiles and lifestyles

5°) Seasonal Ingredients

The recipe search function allows seasonal ingredients to be chosen from a list of fresh ingredients to search for recipes that use these ingredients