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Profiles (for analysis, filtering and sort of recipes)      
  Physiological X X X
  Nutritional (RNI) X X X
  Food lifestyle X X X
  Pfood preferences (tastes) X X X
  Delayed hypersensibilities (intolerances)   X X
  Immediate hypersensibilities (allergies)   X X
Recipes multicriteria search      
  Recipe name (or a word) X X X
  Recipe family X X X
  Ingredients (up to 3) X X X
  Seasonal ingredient X X X
  Cooking mode X X X
  Cooking time X X X
  Preparation time X X X
  Difficulty X X X
  Origin (Province, Country) X X X
Nutrimeter® Hit Parade and nutrional simulator      
  Ciqual and Fcen nutritional databases X X X
  Recipes and Products (for simulator) X X X
Food substitutes advice      
  understanding the fundamentals of good nutrition X X X
  Advices on food substitutes to adapt food consumption   X X
Meal planner      
  Proposed menus respecting a three day rotation of foods   X
  List of recommended foods for the day   X
  Weekly meal planner   X
Food journal      
  Ciqual and Fcen databases, recipes and products   X
  Daily weight monitor     X
AAA (analysis and alerts from food journal)      
  Nutritional analysis   X
  Food Alerts and rotation     X
  Statistical Analysis (Top food and recipes)     X