Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol equivalent)


The main property of vitamin E is its ability to prevent and Peger propsgation peroxyl free radicals formed from polyunsaturated fatty acids by the action of oxygen.

Vitamin E in vegetable oils and their derivatives seems more readily absorbed than vitamin E derived from other foods, especially green leafy vegetables or grains, which can alter lmatrice food digestion. However, even da, s edible oils, the efficiency of absorption of vitamin E is low and settled for a normal diet and in a healthy individual between 20 and 50% of the amount ingested.

Sources of Vitamin E

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The 100% value in the RNI Nutrimeter ® is 12 mg per day in adults.

The acute toxicity of vitamin E is very low. Studies of consumption of vitamin E seem to show that n 'there is no danger. There is therefore oas value limit for vitamin E.

(Source: "Recommended dietary allowances for the French population," the CNERNA-CNRS. Edition coordinated by Ambroise Martin.)