Vitamin B9 (Folates, total )


Much folic acid is present in foods as polyglutamate, commonly known as folates. To be metabolically active, the molecule must be reduced by an enzyme, which explains its high sensitivity to oxidation and protection by ascorbic acid.

golique acid is sensitive to air, light and heat, especially in aqueous media, so that the boiling destroyed much. The bioavailability of folate is between 60 and 98% for alimenation fruit, vegetables and citrus juices.

Sources of Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

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The 100% value in the RNI Nutrimeter ® is 330 mg per day for adult men and 300 mcg for adult women.

The appearances of neurological phenomena at high doses of vitamin B9 to bring security to 1mg per day (we retain a value of 300% in the Nutrimeter ®).

(Source: "Recommended dietary allowances for the French population," the CNERNA-CNRS. Edition coordinated by Ambroise Martin.)