Vitamin B6


The term "vitamin B6" means six compounds: pyridoxal, pyrodoxine, pyridoxamine and their phosphorylated derivatives respectively. One of these components is the coenzyme one hundred enzymes involved in the metabolism of amino acids.

See the list of foods that provide the most vitamin B6

Voir la liste des aliments apportant le plus de vitamine B6


The 100% value in the RNI Nutrimeter ® is 1.8 mg per day for adult males and 1.5 mg for adult women.

Different neurological findings at high doses of vitamin B6 led the experts of the Council of Public Hygiene to provide a dose safety limit of 5 mg per day over the usual consumption (we retain a value of 300% the Nutrimeter ®).

(Source: "Recommended dietary allowances for the French people," the CNERNA-CNRS. Edition coordinated by Ambroise Martin.)