Saturated Fatty Acids (SFA)


Saturated fatty acids are synthesized by the human oganisme, especially in the liver, brain and adipose tissue. With those in power, they are constituents of phospo-fat (rich in stearic acid) of sphingilipides, and tiglycérides reserve. They provide a large share of energy expenditure. They are partially converted by desaturation monounsaturated fatty acids.

SFA sources

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The distribution of fatty acids (SFA, MUFA and PUFA) which are followed with the base CIQUAL should ideally correspond to the following :

  • for Adult Females :
    • SFA : 16 % lipids
  • for adult men :
    • SFA : 19,5 % lipids

This represents 8% of the contribution énergérique for these two populations.

The evolution of knowledge leads us to consider the different saturated fatty acids distinctly, without demonizing them and to limit their intake to about 8% of energy intake (which represents the value of 100% of RNI Nutrimeter ®).

(Source: "Recommended dietary allowances for the French population," the CNERNA-CNRS. Edition coordinated by Ambroise Martin.)