The Food Intolerance Bible: A nutritionist's plan to beat food cravings, fatigue, mood swings, bloating, headaches and IBS

The definitive guide to targeting and reversing food intolerance from the UK's leading nutritionist, Antony Haynes, and Glenfiddich award-winning cookery writer, Antoinette Savill. A pain-free plan that will help people with food allergies, chronic fatigue, candida and much more. Includes over 70 delicious recipes.

An indispensable book for anyone who suffers from food intolerance

Renowned Harley Street nutritionist, Antony Haynes presents his 5-part plan to tackle food intolerance, which readers can put into action with the help of recipes from Antoinette Savill, (author of Lose Wheat, Lose Weight and The Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Cookbook.)

This plan (which is regularly prescribed at Antony’s popular Harley Street clinic) gives an introduction to the diet and includes a selection of over 70 recipes which are typically free from common allergens, as well as sugar and yeast. The recipes appeal to everyone from the most sensitive to those on the road to recovery.

Includes information and advice on the causes and treatment of intolerance, leaky gut and candida, friendly flora, how to strengthen the gut lining, and other key issues.

Recipes include: Chilled courgette and mint soup • Rigatoni, olives and roast squash • Lasagne with salmon and goats' cheese sauce • Seared squid with pesto dressing • Chicken, fennel and pine nut risotto • Apricot and almond tart • Cinnamon carrot bread

The author

Antony Haynes is Director of the highly acclaimed Nutrition Clinic on Harley Street. He has written for or been quoted in many of the top newspapers and magazines, including The Mail, The Times, Vogue, Zest, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Red, Hello! The Evening Standard voted him one of the best practitioners in London. He has taught advanced nutrition courses for the last ten years.

Antoinette Savill is the bestselling author of the Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Cookbook which sells around 600 copies a month and Lose Wheat, Lose Weight . She is committed to creating delicious recipes for allergy sufferers and her gluten free baked goods are for sale in Waitrose, Co-op and Budgens

Complete Food Intolerance Cook Book

The most complete cookbook for the food intolerant(now estimated at one in three people). Using the knowledge and expertise of the world famous "HAPPY TUMS" intolerance food developement company that pioneered commercial food of the highest quality for the food intolerant. Rich in knowledge to help understand intolerance plus hundreds of simple recipes for all meals and occasions to enjoy the highest nutrition , variety and abundant flavours of the many food options using the ingeniously simple mix and match method

Resolve ALL Your Allergies, Food Intolerances, & Chemical Sensitivities Without Drugs

Food and drug companies, doctors, universities, charities, governments -- none of them want you reading this book. They continue to gain wealth and power by continually denying the deadly dangers of man-made chemicals -- toxins causing ever escalating pandemics of disease, chronic illness, and allergies. Author Robert Wellesley was a businessman dominated by a lifetime of chronic allergy and health issues such as anxiety, fogginess, fatigue, acid reflux and depression. Motivated to finally feel 'healthy' and with typical allergy remedies seemingly of little help, Robert began a quest, seeing if food additives, plastics, and man-made chemicals were somehow linked to his chronic ill health. Sifting through the academic research, what Robert uncovered was startling. "Resolve All Your Allergies..." is both the story of one man's long journey from chronic low-level illness to optimal, allergy-free health, as well as a practical plan of action, 58 specific Action Items you too can implement to resolve your own allergy and health issues, simply by getting toxins out of your life. Among the revelations: - While Europe bans 1350+ toxic food additives, the U.S. prohibits just 11 - 9 out of 10 chemicals allowed into food and cosmetics have NEVER been studied in detail - Scientists are well aware these chemicals are a leading cause of most of the cancers, heart disease, diabetes, MS, allergies, asthma (over 300 diseases/maladies, referenced in this book) - Even seemingly non-allergenic chemicals 'stack up' to generate visible symptoms - Scientists have no idea, at the microbiological level, how chemicals are producing allergies, intolerances and sensitivities (all of which the author dubs 'chemical provocations'), allowing many to continue to deny the dangers of these chemicals - Even trace amounts of toxic metals, in combination, are known to generate 100x disease effects in our bodies - No scientist can ever pinpoint which mix of chemicals it was that made you unwell Beyond mere sneezing, tearing, and itchy eyes, allergies manifest in dozens of ways, early signs of more serious future health consequences. If you feel chronic flu-like symptoms, are depressed, anxious, bloated, foggy, tired, sickly, achy -- likely, it is due to all these novel chemicals you eat, drink, touch, and inhale. Building on the work of other pioneers in the practical health movement -- Robyn O'Brien, Michael Pollen, Joseph Mercola, Carol Simontacchi, Russ Blaylock, Randall Fitzgerald, and others -- the author has left no stone unturned in his quest to come up with working solutions that anyone can use: simple, innovative remedies that worked for him and will work for you. Since one key to an allergy-free life is greater control over the quality of your food, this book also has a Cost-Saving Healthy Foods Shopping Guide -- strategies for buying healthy foods on a tight budget. Processed foods are not cheap. This book describes how to save money while eating better. Also included is the Maverick Allergy Map, a first-of-its-kind diagram of the mainland U.S. indicating best to worst regions for allergy sufferers (Arizona is not tops). Equal parts practical guide, passionate polemic, and exciting call to action -- this book is a bracing tonic meant to SHOCK you into taking your allergies and health, and the health of your loved ones, far more seriously. With its honest, down-to-earth perspective and the author's offbeat humor, this is a groundbreaking, frank work that informs, inspires and entertains. Make your life GREAT -- Dare to become more healthy and allergy-free than you ever thought possible. With proper care and feeding, your body is the most capable generator of good health in existence. But it all has to begin with you, wanting to be the hero of your own life. Given the proper knowledge and your will to act upon it, only you alone can resolve your health. The author has produced the toolkit -- now GET TO IT!

Hidden Food Allergies: Is What You Eat Making You Ill?

Is what you eat making you ill? Food allergies and intolerances are on the increase. They are frequently the cause of many common health problems that simply won't go away. But there are things we can do to deal with food allergies and intolerances. This book will help if you feel you may be intolerant to a food, find it impossible to lose weight or simply have a range of minor symptoms your doctor can't treat. Hidden Food Allergies identifies the most common allergens, helps you to diagnose and allergy, and contains a full action plan to guide you through getting tested, elimination diets, lifestyle and dietary changes. You will discover: All about allergies, and how they are different to food intolerance; Possible causes; The latest breakthroughs in allergy testing; How to follow elimination diets and reintroduce foods safely; How to guard against, treat and reverse food intolerance

The author

Patrick Holford is one of the world's leading authorities on new approaches to health and nutrition. In 1984 he founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, now one of the most highly respected training colleges for clinical nutritionists

The Functional Nutrition Cookbook: Addressing Biochemical Imbalances Through Diet

This unique cookbook with a CD-ROM of printable recipes looks beyond intervening in the symptoms of health problems and addresses the ways in which diet can be used to help correct underlying imbalances in the body. Dealing with a range of different issues, including gastro-intestinal, immune system and hormone imbalances, this book clearly explains the intricacies of each problem and offers useful tips on how to truly make a difference through diet. The recipes provided for each imbalance are easy to follow and are accompanied by detailed nutritional information. The information throughout the book, including the chapter on healthy ageing, is designed for clients who wish to optimise their health, whether or not they are currently facing health problems. With its focus on a personalised approach to helping people through diet, this book is an invaluable resource for nutritionists, health professionals and their clients.

The author

Lorraine Nicolle MSc is a nutrition practitioner with a regular clinic at a London-based natural health centre. Lorraine is also a nutrition lecturer and module leader on degree and post-graduate courses at British universities. In addition, she works with a healthcare company, writing and delivering nutrition education sessions for healthcare practitioners; and she runs workplace nutrition programmes for businesses. For more information, see Christine Bailey MSc is a nutritional practitioner, an experienced, trained chef, food and health consultant and cookery writer with over sixteen years of experience. She works with many food and healthcare companies undertaking recipe development, nutritional consultancy and provides training and support for the corporate sector. She is the author of many recipe and health books and is a regular contributor to a range of national health, food and fitness magazines. She has a regular clinic in Reading and London and is a regular lecturer and module leader on university-validated undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The New Optimum Nutrition Bible

Since it was first published in 1997, THE OPTIMUM NUTRITION BIBLE has revolutionized health by showing more than half a million readers how to achieve a profound sense of well-being by devising the best possible intake of nutrients for their unique biochemical makeup. THE NEW OPTIMUM NUTRITION BIBLE presents the latest research from Britain'¬?s top nutrition expert Patrick Holford, with new chapters on stimulants, water, eating right for your blood type, detox, homocysteine, and toxic minerals. You'¬?ll learn to analyze your symptoms, lifestyle, and eating habits in order to formulate a personal ideal diet and vitamin regimen. Once optimum nutrition is in place, you can look forward to a consistent high level of energy, emotional balance, alertness, physical fitness, resilience against infectious diseases, and longevity.A revised edition of the best-selling nutritional guide, with an A-to-Z guide to specific health problems and how to heal them with optimum nutrition.Unlike modern medicine, which tends to treat diseases not people, the optimum nutrition approach considers a human being as a whole, with an interconnected mind and body designed to adapt to health if the circumstances are right.Additional chapters cover boosting your immune system; preventing cancer and heart disease; how to increase your IQ, memory, and mental performance; improving skin health; and much more.THE OPTIMUM NUTRITION BIBLE sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide.

The author

PATRICK HOLFORD is one of the world's leading authorities on nutrition and mental health. He has written 30 health books and is the founder of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. He lives in London, England

A Day in the Budwig Diet: The Book: Learn Dr. Budwig's complete home healing protocol against cancer, arthritis, heart disease & more: 1


Learn the complete healing protocol developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, 7x Nobel Prize Nominee and world renowned Scientist in Biochemistry and Pharmacology.

* Follow a day in the Budwig Protocol illustrated in a step-by-step, easy to follow format. (plus added suggestions and Director’s Commentary) 
* Discover the methods Dr. Budwig created and used to successfully heal her patients, and understand what they did on a daily basis to recover their health. 
* Learn how to correctly use Flax Oil, internally as well as externally, to heal at the cellular level. Plus all 3 of Dr. Budwig’s ELDI Oil home-therapies are illustrated! 
* See what foods and items you must avoid, and understand the role of fat metabolism in degenerative diseases including cancer. 
* Understand her 3 essential ingredients - Linomel, Oleolux, the Oil-Protein Muesli, and how to use them to create a multitude of tasty meals for the whole family!

The SCIENCE of the BUDWIG DIET now explained...

* The Story and Science of Dr. Otto Warburg 
* Modern Science Supports Dr. Budwig 
* The Power of Sunlight 
* The Science of Cancer Fighting Foods 
* Exercise, Relaxation, and the Mind-Body Connection 
* The Quantum Physics of the Budwig Protocol

Plus much more...

Bonus Pages, Clarifications and Answers to Common Questions!